About the Site

About the site

On a daily basis, throughout my previous roles, I would perform tasks and use tools that others may not use or may not think to do.  This gives me the opportunity to share some of the knowledge I have or items that I have found to be useful, and hopefully help others to learn and enhance their knowledge.

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About Me

About Me

I have been in IT for the past 15 years and using virtualisation technologies for around the past 8 years.  I started, as quite a lot of people do, working with PCs after playing with such iconic systems like the ZX81, ZX Spectrum and then progressing through 386s, 486s, Pentiums etc.

After being headhunted at sixth form to work for a small company based around Hertfordshire, UK.  I began working with small businesses and gaining a lot of hardware experience.  Three years later, after helping to increase the size of the business, I needed to gain exposure to a larger environment to progress my own career.  I joined a large manufacturing company around Electronic Test and Measurement which progressed my skills onto more PC work, hardware work and then onto Server Operating Systems.  I progressed again onto a consultancy company based in Reading, UK.  Initially working as an engineer performing hardware / software installations for larger companies contracted out to the consultancy company, I moved up into a Consultant position continuing my travel across the UK assisting and providing solutions to companies.

I moved back to working in Hertfordshire, UK, again.  Back working for a large manufacturing company, this time with over 50,000 users worldwide.  I was responsible for the datacenter hardware, the storage environment and the VMware environment.  Basically, everything to do with the data centre technology across 3 data centres, except networking. My days were busy but also productive.

My current role is working for VMware as a Technical Account Manager.  This has been a change to my previous roles, as although I still get to be technical, it’s more about advising than actually being hands on.  VMware is a great company to work for, very supportive of their staff and a friendly attitude where it feels that there is always someone who is ready to assist you, if you need them.

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Skyline Advisor Pro – Proactive Support

I’ve been using VMware Skyline for a while and have seen how the product has changed over time.  The tool has a number of useful features and is continually improving. Skyline Advisor Pro is the next evolution of VMware Skyline and is probably one of the biggest changes that has happened with Skyline over the last couple of years.  Let’s […]

VMworld 2021 – Suggested Persona Based Sessions

There are many blog posts out there are going to suggest the best sessions to attend at VMworld.  As a different approach to this, one of my colleagues has made session suggestions based upon the type of persona you may have.  Thank you Lewis Bowman, I think that this is a great way to approach choosing your sessions. Performance Junkies – […]

All Change at the Top – VMware

As you will have seen over the past couple of months, there have been a number of changes occurring at the top within VMware. My previous blog post focused on Pat Gelsinger leaving to head back to Intel (and he seems to be doing some good stuff there in his first few months).  So this saw Raghu Raghuram named as […]

Goodbye Pat – A Loss for VMware, a Gain for Intel

Lots of things have been said about Pat Gelsinger moving across to Intel on 15th February 2021 but I thought that this would be a great opportunity for me to share my thoughts. Although I now work for VMware, most of my professional career and my interactions with VMware prior to this were as a customer.  I started working with […]

VMware Flings – Investigate New Tools and Apps

VMware Flings can be quite amazing but may not have the visibility that they deserve.  So what are Flings? Well, VMware Flings have been around for quite a long time and can be found at:  https://flings.vmware.com/  Flings are designed to allow engineers and the community to explore new apps and tools.  The flings themselves will only have community support on […]

vSphere 7 U1c – Advanced Cross vCenter vMotion

Just before the new year, VMware released an update to vSphere 7 Update 1 with the Update 1c variant.  Usually these types of updates are released to address security concerns or to fix bugs and there isn’t usually any new features that could get you excited.  This time, though, it is slightly different with the release of the Advanced Cross […]

VMware History – Part 1 – The first 5 Years

The idea of these pages is to provide a timeline for the full history of VMware. There have been a few sites that have created a timeline of the history of VMware in past.  VMware even have their own timeline on their website:  https://www.vmware.com/timeline.html Unfortunately, although the VMware interactive timeline is visually very good, it tends to skip over some […]

VMware Project Monterey

So, one of the major announcements from VMworld 2020 was around Project Monterey. Kit Colbert has done a great blog post on Project Monterey available here:  https://blogs.vmware.com/vsphere/2020/09/announcing-project-monterey-redefining-hybrid-cloud-architecture.html Project Monterey is the next development of the vSphere environment and requires the use of SmartNICs.  In a current deployment, all of the components such as vSAN Data, NSX services and Host Management, […]

SaltStack & VMware!

So, the news broke a little while ago that VMware has announced its intention to acquire SaltStack. But what is SaltStack and what do they do?   Salt was an open source automation engine and originated from the need for high-speed data collection and task execution for data center systems administrators managing massive infrastructure scale and resulting complexity.  Originally known […]

Coronavirus Changes Everything!!

As I sit down to enjoy another full day of Zoom meetings, I started to think back over the past few months and how things have changed due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. The stories and memories mentioned in this post are from my personal experiences during the pandemic and, although we’re not through this, I thought it would be good […]