vCenter Operations Manager

I know that many people out there will already be using vSphere Operations Manager in their environment but I thought that I would just share a dashboard that I created in our environment, as I believe that this captures most of the information that people want to see on one screen (plus we put ours up on a large plasma […]

VDP Installation

The first step in our configuration of the VDP environment is to download and deploy the VDP appliance.  The VDP appliance is downloaded as a single appliance but is configured during deployment as either 0.5TiB, 1TiB or 2TiB.  This is the amount of backed up, compressed and deduplicated data that is going to be stored.  With a 1TB drive containing […]

vSphere Data Protection – VDP

So, one of the items that people tend to overlook with the vSphere suite of software is the vSphere Data Protection appliance that is made available as part of your licensing (this requires vCenter).  I’ve been using this solution for a little while at some of our locations to provide branch office backups which can replicate back to a central […]

vCenter Support Assistant – Installation

Recently VMware released their vCenter Support Assistant that helps to streamline the process of dealing with support by automatically scanning your environment on a schedule and proactively logging tickets with VMware on your behalf if there are any discovered issues. This post is designed to give a walkthrough of the installation process for this new virtual appliance and the basic […]

IBM & Lenovo – What does it mean?

So, I’m sure that there has been lots of discussion recently around the Lenovo take over of the IBM SystemX business, but here is my take on what is happening and what it could mean to people already utilising IBM hardware.  Please note that these are my views based on information that has been publicly released or speculation based on […]