KFC Woes in UK & AI (BAW7)

KFC, the famous chicken institution, is suffering a lot at the moment.  People hoping to feast on fried chicken in the UK have been hit by a nationwide KFC famine.  The famine has occurred throughout the UK as KFC UK switched their logistics provider from Bidvest to DHL last week.  All did not go smoothly through the transition resulting in […]

Updated Veeam Weekly Backup Report – Powershell (BAW6)

Back in 2015, I created a 3-day Backup Report for Veeam that was based on the ‘SysAdmin Modular Report’ (SAMReport) – this is the link to the original post for that report:  http://virtualworlduk.co.uk/3-day-veeam-backup-report-powercli/ That report has been useful for a couple of years but I felt that I could do better, without having to link back to the vCenter server quite so […]

Broadcom & Qualcomm – $120 billion takeover (BAW5)

As you may be aware Broadcom had previously offered $70 per share to Qualcomm share holders in an attempt to acquire Qualcomm which made the offered amount around $100 billion… the biggest acquisition in history… unfortunately Qualcomm refused the offer as it believed that Broadcom had undervalued the company. The battle goes on and apparently Broadcom are now offering around […]