My Tips for VMworld

As I have just come back from VMworld in San Francisco, I thought that I would put together some tips for first time visitors and some for people who have visited before… hopefully this will allow people to get the most out of the conference.  These tips count for both San Francisco and Barcelona. Tips: Purchasing your ticket – make […]

Pat Gelsinger – Ice Bucket Challenge

Ice bucket Virtual ice bucket Pat Gelsinger was called out earlier in the week at VMWorld and stood on the outside stage at the party to do the Ice Bucket Challenge. In true VMware style they first did a virtual version where paper planes from the charity fundraising activity were poured over him… to a huge number of boos, he […]

The Build Up to VMworld San Francisco

So, we are only a couple of days away from VMworld in San Francisco and my feelings towards it are mixed at the moment… not because of the content of the sessions or the event itself but more of the unknown. Let me explain some more about this… I’ve gone and visited VMworld in Europe for the past 4 or […]

Host Not Recognising Datastore

I’ve come across this issue on a couple of occasions and thought that I would share with people one of the easiest ways to resolve it. A summary of the issue is as follows: You have presented up a LUN that may have been previously presented to another host and when you go through the vCenter GUI or Web Client […]

ESXi Host Versions – PowerCli

Okay, so I would admit that I’m not the best with PowerCli but recently we had a request to produce a list of all of the ESXi hosts we have on a vCenter along with their Version and build number. Now this can be done easily on an individual basis by logging onto each host and running the command: vmware […]