VMFS Volume is locked

This is an unusual situation that I came across today, the exact issue that I faced was related to an issue with a Riverbed Steelfusion appliance but could easily happen to a normal VMware environment. With Riverbed Steelfusion, we present out a LUN to a remote location as iSCSI… this remote location creates the datastore etc. as with a normal […]

VMware Build Numbers to Products

Building on my previous post linking to the knowledgebase article on the VMware build numbers, I thought that it would also be useful to provide a listing of the versions.  My intention is to update this listing when the main document is updated. This information is taken from the knowledgebase article as of:  15th October 2014 Converter Standalone / Enterprise […]

Correlating VMware Product Build Numbers to Update Levels

This is a Knowledgebase Article that I have bookmarked and use quite often, especially when determining what patch level you are on with things like ESXi.  If you look in vCenter or directly on the ESXi server, you will simply see the product build number… something like:  1746018  for an ESXi host and you know roughly that it is ESXi […]