Dell Secret Talks (BAW4)

Firstly, let me apologise for the delay in this post coming out.  Secondly, many people may have already seen this at the end of last week with regards to Dell having some secretive talks about their future. As you will all be aware, Michael Dell went through a phase a buying back shares to become a privately owned company, and […]

VCSA 6.5 – Greyed Out Migration Option (BAW2)

Whilst performing some Storage vMotion activities recently, I discovered an issue with 3 virtual machines in my environment where they were unable to perform a vMotion of any type due to the Migrate option being greyed out in vCenter.  I believe that this actually occurred because the 3 virtual machines in question had been in the middle of a Storage […]

The 5 levels of autonomous cars!! (BAW1)

In a slight change from my normal blog posts, I thought that it would be good to take a look at the emerging tech around autonomous cars.  I’m sure that autonomous cars will continue to evolve and will become the main type of car purchased in the future.  In reading a little more about autonomous cars, I’ve discovered that there […]