Skyline – Basic Power BI Report – Part 3

This continues the work that we have been doing to create a basic Skyline Power BI report in part 1: and part 2: Build the Visuals If you’ve been following this series so far, then you will have seen us gather the data export from Skyline, create parameters and manipulate the data we took from Skyline as queries […]

Skyline – Basic Power BI Report – Part 2

As you may recall, we’re part way through creating a Power BI report to display information collected from VMware Skyline.  The first part can be found here: In Part 1, we had downloaded the export from Skyline, and created some of the queries that gather the data from the exports ready to be used in the report components.  This, primarily, […]

Skyline – Basic Power BI Report – Part 1

As you will have seen over my last few posts, I’ve been working with VMware Skyline a bit recently.  I really like Skyline and believe that more companies should utilise it to provide proactive findings on their environments and to help avoid issues before they become and issue. One area that Skyline has been lacking in the past is around […]