About the Site

About the site

On a daily basis, throughout my previous roles, I would perform tasks and use tools that others may not use or may not think to do.  This gives me the opportunity to share some of the knowledge I have or items that I have found to be useful, and hopefully help others to learn and enhance their knowledge.

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About Me

About Me

Put quite simply, I’ve been in IT for a long time, working initially for small businesses, moving onto datacenter and server support for a company with 50,000 users worldwide before moving across to VMware in 2019 as a Technical Account Manager.

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VMware Skyline – Findings Information – What does it mean?

When you start to utilise VMware Skyline, one of the first areas that you will be drawn to is the ‘Findings & Recommendations’ page and rightly so. The idea behind VMware Skyline is to proactively provide fixes to findings in your environment to allow you to remediate them before they become an issue for you… therefore spending time in the […]

VMware Skyline – The Basics

You may have seen or heard about VMware Skyline but do not really know much about it.  The following blog post will, hopefully, provide more information about Skyline and help you to understand where and when it can and should be used. VMware Skyline was created a few years ago with the aim to provide a tool that could proactively […]

VMware Explore 2023 – Barcelona – Suggested Sessions

With the recent completion of VMware Explore in Las Vegas, the attention now turns to VMware Explore in Barcelona taking place between 6th – 9th November 2023. The initial content catalog has been released for this event and therefore I have picked out some suggested sessions based on the tracks for this year. To help make things easier to understand […]

The VMware Career Journey – 4 Years In

You may recall in July 2019, I wrote a blog post about my job change, for those that are unaware, I’ve linked it below: Time for a change 4 Years later, I’m back looking at my last four years in VMware, evaluating my move and discussing some of the changes that I have seen whilst at VMware. It was always […]

Skyline – Basic Power BI Report – Part 3

This continues the work that we have been doing to create a basic Skyline Power BI report in part 1: https://www.virtualworlduk.co.uk/wordp/?p=230985 and part 2: https://www.virtualworlduk.co.uk/wordp/?p=231022 Build the Visuals If you’ve been following this series so far, then you will have seen us gather the data export from Skyline, create parameters and manipulate the data we took from Skyline as queries […]

Skyline – Basic Power BI Report – Part 2

As you may recall, we’re part way through creating a Power BI report to display information collected from VMware Skyline.  The first part can be found here:  https://www.virtualworlduk.co.uk/wordp/?p=230985 In Part 1, we had downloaded the export from Skyline, and created some of the queries that gather the data from the exports ready to be used in the report components.  This, primarily, […]