VMware Explore 2023 – Barcelona – Suggested Sessions

VMware Explore 2023 – Barcelona – Suggested Sessions

With the recent completion of VMware Explore in Las Vegas, the attention now turns to VMware Explore in Barcelona taking place between 6th – 9th November 2023.

The initial content catalog has been released for this event and therefore I have picked out some suggested sessions based on the tracks for this year.

To help make things easier to understand what level the sessions are aimed at, I have included the level grading for each session, taken from the details attached to the session details.  The sessions range from Level 100 to Level 300.

Level 100 is overview information with Level 300 being more in-depth information.

Cloud & Edge Infrastructure

Yes, this is the vSphere session you’ve been looking for. vSphere is the enterprise workload platform that ushers in the era of heterogeneous computing by bringing DPUs into the fold along with CPUs and GPUs—making the future of modern infrastructure accessible to all enterprises. vSphere unleashes key innovations to help customers supercharge workload performance, accelerate innovation for DevOps teams, improve operational efficiency and IT productivity, and bring the benefits of the cloud to their on-premises infrastructure. Join us to get the latest and greatest on ‘What’s New with vSphere’. We will give you an overview of the top capabilities of vSphere that matter most for you, as well as technical details with the newest demos, to cover 10 new and exciting things about vSphere that you absolutely, positively need to know.

AI is Hot! Everybody talks about ChatGPT, but how do you enable your business organizations to build services using these technologies? This session shows you what is possible today to build a better AI infrastructure for tomorrow, both at the compute hardware layer and in the layers above, to make optimal use of accelerated computing.

This tutorial will provide guidance on using features in VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery, VMware Ransomware Recovery, VMware Site Recovery Manager, and VMware Site Recovery to enable rapid and reliable recovery from ransomware as well as other types of data center site disasters. We will also cover the unique characteristics of ransomware recovery and how to extend your DR solution to deal with this specific disaster scenario to enable rapid and reliable recovery from ransomware.

In this panel session with VMware and our service provider partners Coevolve, MetTel and Segra, experts discuss how organizations worldwide are adopting private and hybrid cloud models, remote workforces, and SaaS-first strategies. These approaches accelerate their digital objectives but can come at the cost of compromising on network connectivity, security, or compute power. But you don’t have to compromise. VMware SASE offers SD-WAN for network optimization, zero trust technology for security, and edge compute to process gigabytes of data in nanoseconds. Hear our panel highlight real-world SASE use cases and discuss the convergence of network connectivity, security, and computational power at the edge and in the cloud with enhanced AI.

Are you seeking to optimize your organization’s cloud spending and subscriptions? Join us for a session where you can share your perspective and learn from others’ experiences. Whether you play a role in the buying process for subscriptions within your organization or simply wish to enhance your cloud spending strategies, your voice is essential. Together, we will explore challenges such as cost visibility, complex pricing models, usage insights, and managing multiple cloud subscriptions. We are eager to hear anything you would like to share with us. Through interactive activities and insightful discussions, we will collaboratively delve into strategies to overcome these pain points and empower you in the ever-evolving multi-cloud landscape. *Design With Us participants will be asked to sign an NDA before entering the interactive sessions.

Modern Applications & Cloud Management

This session will dive into how customers achieve incredible scale and efficiency with Tanzu Application Service to run their most critical applications. Not only do these organizations achieve excellent platform efficiency they provide a fantastic developer experience for their organization to enable their developers to focus more time on writing code rather than dealing with infrastructure. We’ll also cover our latest innovations that continue to optimize the overall developer experience and platform engineering efficiency for the future. Last but not least, we’ll explore the secrets of customer environments that run hundreds of thousands of containers in production and achieve ratios of hundreds of developers per Platform Engineer.
In this tutorial session, you will learn how to use VMware Tanzu Application Service to deploy a Spring Boot application in minutes. Learn how to leverage the embedded Cloud Foundry marketplace to deploy an on-demand database solution for your application as persistent storage. We will wire up the application autoscaler service to your Spring Boot application to demonstrate how Tanzu Application Service provides a robust, highly performant application runtime. Lastly, we will dive into application monitoring and logging around the platform and surrounding ecosystem. This session will also dive deep into the technical architecture of Tanzu Application Service and its complementary data services.
Step up your automation game with advanced topics, from DevOps to building complex workflows. Leverage 3rd party integrations and dive deeper into customizing content for scripts and catalog items. Expand Aria Automation Config capabilities by implementing a patching solution or hardening an operating system. Get more out of automation by improving agility, productivity, and efficiency to prepare for the future of your business!
As enterprises look to move to toward more micro-services and agile development methodologies they face the challenge of how to get there, how to bridge the chasm from a traditional vSphere based environment, monolithic or 3-tier applications to a more rapid iteration, micro-services based environment. They find that the traditional IT/VI/network admin, security team, etc do not have the expertise to deploy docker, kubernetes, service mesh in a private or public cloud environment. In this session we will show how VMware Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations helps the traditional IT/VI/network admin, security team to implement, support and life cycle manage a production grade modern application development environment and provides the necessary insight into the networking to verify corporate conformance and governance.
Data Sovereignity is creating demand for zero trust environments where Sovereign tenants are increasingly looking to manage their encryption keys on their own. Sovereign providers will have no visibility to the tenant keys. Providers are looking to offer integrated user experience to their public sector and regulated customers where they can bring their own keys or bring their own Key Management Service and manage VM encryption in a self-serve tenant facing UI leveraging VMware Cloud Director. This session will provide overview of VMware Sovereign Cloud Tenant Managed Encryption and Tenant managed Key Management Service using Cloud Director platform

Networking & Security

While cybersecurity teams have gained productivity and efficiency, inevitably human capacity and budgets are constrained. On the other hand, threat actors have effectively unlimited resources. Add to the mix the megatrends of hyper-connectivity, the plethora of valuable data, and the ease with which criminals can monetize stolen data. Winning this fight requires building a modern cybersecurity strategy and a risk-based approach to assess critical gaps and apply effective countermeasures. Join our session to learn how to map threat intelligence to the context of your business and how to apply it to your enterprise. Come away with an action plan to expand your detection surface, and for prioritizing visibility as a strategic project along with a set of templates to share with colleagues for effective reporting to the board.
In an era plagued by rising ransomware attacks, protecting your network has become a paramount concern. Just securing the perimeter of your network isn’t enough, as the attackers might already be inside your network. Join us for an engaging session on VMware NSX Security, where you’ll discover how to bulletproof your network against these insidious attacks and prevent lateral movement of threats. We’ll discuss a four-step framework along with best practices that can fortify your lateral security defenses and safeguard your organizations against these attacks. Don’t miss this opportunity to empower yourself with the knowledge and strategies needed to defend your network against evolving cyber threats.
VMware NSX has a lot of options, features and functionality in terms of building logical topologies for your cloud. Gateways, Segments, Service Interfaces, VRFs, BGP, L2 bridging, EVPN, you name it! Yves Hertoghs will walk through all those things and demystify how to use them while providing best practices of how to implement VMware NSX to build a Multi-tenant, Software Defined Network. Daniel Zuthof will then show how a Service Provider like Equinix leverages these features and design options to built such a Multi-Tenant, Software Defined Network. These design options and best practices are relevant to Communication and Cloud Service Providers, as well a Large Enterprises.
NSX is a platform that delivers consistent networking and security across applications, environments, and clouds, and that has been built for automation Thanks to NSX Automation, you can further simplify and accelerate your network and security consumption. In this session, we will discuss how you can seamlessly implement network connectivity and granular security for your applications thanks to NSX Automation. We will go through multiple demos, using various automation tools and platforms, such as VMware NSX APIs, Power CLI, Ansible, Terraform, and VMware Aria Automation, to illustrate the benefits of such automation.
This session will start with tuning parameters and configuration options and then continue to optimize scale and performance for both networking and security, based on workloads and use cases. Includes supporting NSX deployments running diverse workloads. Some workloads and applications are bandwidth hungry while others are latency sensitive. To make things even more challenging, some customers are fully aware of the workloads and applications running on their network, while some others may have zero visibility into what’s running on their networks. If you’re wondering how to configure and tune NSX, to optimize scale and performance based on workloads, this is the session for you! Join us to understand how to design your NSX data center deployment to optimize for scale and performance based on your workloads and traffic profiles.

Hybrid Workforce

Curious to see how our experts address real-world security scenarios and incidents? In this session, they’ll take a practitioner approach to identifying vulnerabilities, managing exposure, and driving toward remediation. You’ll get the inside scoop for BOTH mobile and desktop while learning a comprehensive and realistic approach to addressing risk in the enterprise. Join to see how you can… 1. Identify and quantify the risk of specific vulnerabilities including desktop, mobile, application, hardware, and firmware attack vectors. 2. Access unique and differentiated partner provided insights to significant security issues. 3. Enable the full spectrum of remediation actions that operationalize patching, configuration, and containment tactics.
Discover how VMware helped Airbus moves towards Digital Workspace for their users. After a successful Workspace One adoption for smartphones , you will learn in this session how they expand it to all device types, starting with Windows 11. Moving assets to Cloud, application lifecycle (Peer to Peer, complex deployment workflows…), device hardening, all these requirements, mixed with complexity of a large organization paved many pitfalls on their road. We will share our return of experience and lessons learned during this eventful trip.
In this session, End User Computing vExpert Benny Tritsch presents Digital Employee Experience test results collected on VMware TestDrive. On his mission to produce repeatable benchmarking test results, he uses community tools when investigating the influence of different Horizon VM types, GPU acceleration, noisy neighbors, varying network conditions and different Blast protocol settings. Combining test scores, telemetry data and screen recordings and comparing them to reference environments quantifies perceived end-user experience in a repeatable way. This gives attendees valuable insights on what to expect when planning, migrating or upgrading Horizon workloads. An Explore EUC session you don’t want to miss!
In this session, Johan van Amersfoort, Spencer Pitts and Matt Coppinger will share their experiences with designing, building and testing VMware Horizon platforms for simulators like combat sims, flight sims, construction sims and more! You will learn how to get the most out of your VMware Horizon platform and User Experience (UX), even though you might not even run simulation apps. Johan, Spencer, and Matt will explain the design methodology used, the lessons learned during building and testing, the tools used to troubleshoot UX issues, and show demos along the way. This session won the VMworld People’s Choice award in 2021, and the team will share some new findings and lessons learned since then, but also new features in VMware Horizon, new hardware options, and the impact of cloud offerings.
Raise of hands – who’s seen weird errors and immediately felt overwhelmed? Join the us and learn exactly how the experts do it. From logs and registries to commands and sensors/scripts to profiles and app deployment, and everything in between, our UEM Windows experts – Chris Halstead and George Gritten – will show you their methods of troubleshooting some of the most common, yet frustrating, errors seen by users today. Tips and tricks, logical steps, frequently used logs, diagnostics, and much more.

Vision & Innovation

Manufacturers have seen better days: • The turmoil during the past few years • The continuing chip and supply chain challenges • The workforce shortages and talent crunch • The continuing search for new business models, as well as connected and intelligent products and services • The need to operate as sustainably and cost-effectively as possible While technology isn’t necessarily the answer to everything, it often plays a major role in organizations becoming more resilient, building a new flexible and smart baseline for operations, and helping drive IT and OT convergence to increase business agility. Join us for this session with other industry leaders to share insights on their transformational journeys and adoption of new technology solutions, discuss lessons learned, and predict what will happen next.
The VMware Zero Carbon Committed initiative launched in 2021, connecting customers and cloud partners with shared sustainability goals. VMware collaborates with verified VMware Zero Carbon Committed providers to operate infrastructure-, energy- and carbon-efficient data centers, with committed goals of using renewable energy. Now, let’s advance the thought leadership of 24×7 hourly matching of electricity using the renewable from the same regional area where electricity consumption occurs. Let’s innovate to run workloads when the supply of renewable electricity is high, reducing carbon emission. Please join this panel discussion to hear from VMware and Ireland’s Electricity Supply Board (ESB) on the VMware Zero Carbon Committed program, renewable energy, grid modernization, 24×7 hourly match, and demand shifting.
Discover the fusion of art with your in-product experiences with our captivating live mural in The Hub. Join our talented designer artists and fellow conference attendees as we weave your stories into a tapestry of creativity. Share your unique insights on various areas, including identity and access management (IAM), day 2 management processes, tools and use (especially those pesky error messages), and the lifecycle management (LCM) of your stack. Come by our booth area to reserve your spot for an exclusive 20-minute artist session—or just come by and vote on the board art. Your voice will play a central role in shaping our plans for in-product encounters in the coming year, and you can earn a chance for some free swag. *Design With Us participants will be asked to sign an NDA before entering the interactive sessions.
The possibilities with VMware REST APIs combined with Microsoft CIM/WMI are endless, making it possible to administrate and automate all kinds of different workflows in the infrastructure. It’s easy to develop with PowerShell, and you can also easily publish it as a web application with GUI and adjust access for different functions depending on the person accessing it. In that way, you can also create the perfect self-support page or the ultimate support page for your IT support team to make it easier and faster for them to provide support for your staff or customers. I will also share with you how I have been developing this for our IT support and IT staff inside the Swedish government healthcare system and how it has made it so much easier as everything is now collected inside one web application.
Sustainability is now a societal issue. Does your company, or do you, want to reduce the environmental impact of your activities? But where to start? What are the most effective operations to carry out? How to organize to reduce your carbon footprint? What is your current situation? We will answer these questions by starting with a review of the most important indicators of digital sustainability management, then we will talk about the approach generally implemented with our clients and the solutions that can meet different needs. Two good news: there are solutions and some of them may already be in your environment.


VMC on AWS (VMware Cloud on AWS) is a service provided by VMware in partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS). It enables organizations to seamlessly integrate their VMware-based private cloud environments with AWS’s extensive portfolio of native cloud services, such as Amazon S3, Amazon RDS, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon FSx and more. This allows customers to leverage the full range of AWS services to enhance and extend their VMware workloads. By integrating with AWS native services, VMC on AWS enables organizations to take advantage of AWS’s scalability and elasticity, allowing for rapid provisioning and scaling of resources as needed.By integrating with AWS native services, VMC on AWS enables organizations to take advantage of AWS’s scalability and elasticity, allowing for rapid provisioning and scaling of resources as needed. The integration with AWS native services provides organizations with the flexibility, scalability, and access to a wide range of cloud services, while maintaining the familiarity and consistency of VMware-based environments.
Learn about a number of tools that will help you automate your VMware Cloud on AWS environment. See how with PowerCLI you can deploy, configure, and query the status of your SDDC. Then we will use the Python Client for VMC on AWS fling to configure firewall rules, create new segments, and deploy a new tier1 gateway within your SDDC. We will then use the SDDC Import/Export for VMware Cloud on AWS to export the SDDC configuration create and import it to a new SDDC. Finally, we will look at the VMware Cloud on AWS Terraform provider and how it can be leveraged to also automate and configure VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC.
VMware offers two DRaaS solutions for VMware Cloud on AWS – VMware Site Recovery and VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery, which are both comprehensive cloud-based disaster recovery services for the protection of vSphere workloads in on-premises and VMware Cloud on AWS environments. This Hands-on Lab will take you through the solution setup and solution operation for VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery.
The VMware HCX platform provides a seamless experience extending on-premises vSphere environments into private and public clouds. Migration can be achieved at scale with technologies like HCX Bulk Migration and Replication Assisted vMotion. Virtual machines stay connected with HCX Network Extension and utilize the best network paths with Mobility Optimized Networking. Lab provides hybrid cloud infrastructure with an on-premises vSphere environment and cloud vSphere environment. It guides you to establish the state of hybridity and configure live migration and bulk migration of VMs.
In this lab, we’ll introduce you to vSAN Stretched Clusters for Azure VMware Solution. You will understand fundamental concepts and prerequisites, then go through the deployment steps. After deployment is complete you’ll connect the private cloud to an Azure Virtual Network, and access vCenter to deploy a VM to your new stretched cluster.

Cloud Management

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VMware Cloud Provider solutions, offered through the VMware Cloud Provider Program (formerly known as vCloud Air Network), enable rapid and cost effective delivery of hybrid cloud services that customers increasingly demand. Whether infrastructure-as-a-service, disaster recovery or desktop-as-a-service, service providers can benefit from decreased time to market, reduced capital investments and lower development costs to stay competitive in the cloud computing market. In this lab, we will explore VMware Cloud Director from an administrative perspective as well as from a user perspective.
VMware Cloud Provider solutions, offered through the VMware Cloud Provider Program (formerly known as vCloud Air Network), enable rapid and cost effective delivery of hybrid cloud services that customers increasingly demand. Whether infrastructure-as-a-service, disaster recovery or desktop-as-a-service, service providers can benefit from decreased time to market, reduced capital investments and lower development costs to stay competitive in the cloud computing market. In this lab, we will focus on Cloud Director from a user perspective. We have developed Lightning Labs to help you learn about VMware products in small segments of time.
This lab will help you learn how to use VMware Cloud Director Availability for Disaster Recovery to fail over or fail back a datacenter or use it to migrate a data center in vSphere and vCloud Director environments.

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