10-part Site Recovery Manager – with IBM XIV

This is a step-by-step process on how to install, configure and utilise VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) with the IBM XIV SRA (Storage Replication Adapter).  This has been loosely based on a similar post on the Sys@dmin Tutorials site (http://www.sysadmintutorials.com/tutorials/vmware-vsphere-5-x/site-recovery-manager-5/) but has been used in a Production environment to migrate servers from one data centre to another.  Please also note that the instructions provided here are only guidelines, any damage or loss of data as a result of these instructions is not the responsibility of the author.

To make these instructions easy to follow, we have split them up into 10-parts… as listed below:

Part 1 – Site Recovery Manager Database Setup

Part 2 – Site Recovery Manager Installation

Part 3 – Installing the XIV SRA

Part 4 – Site Recovery Manager Site Pairing

Part 5 – Configuring the XIV SRA

Part 6 – Site Recovery Manager Inventory Mappings

Part 7 – Protection Groups

Part 8 – Recovery Plans

Part 9 – Testing Recovery Plans

Part 10 – Recovery and Failback

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