Coronavirus Changes Everything!!

As I sit down to enjoy another full day of Zoom meetings, I started to think back over the past few months and how things have changed due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. The stories and memories mentioned in this post are from my personal experiences during the pandemic and, although we’re not through this, I thought it would be good […]

Net Neutrality & Washington (BAW9)

A lot of things have been written about Net Neutrality and the FCC Net Neutrality repeal that was passed back in December 2017.  This week there was a new twist in this saga but I’ll come to that later… first lets take a look at what Net Neutrality actually is: Firstly, Net Neutrality affects us all, whenever we are utilising […]

Broadcom & Qualcomm – $120 billion takeover (BAW5)

As you may be aware Broadcom had previously offered $70 per share to Qualcomm share holders in an attempt to acquire Qualcomm which made the offered amount around $100 billion… the biggest acquisition in history… unfortunately Qualcomm refused the offer as it believed that Broadcom had undervalued the company. The battle goes on and apparently Broadcom are now offering around […]

Cloud and Bimodal IT

Most people are doing some form of cloud computing already, from email to application hosting.  A growing number of people are learning about and looking to adopt a Bimodal IT design. So what is Bimodal IT?  Well, as Gartner would put it, Bimodal IT consists of two Modes.  Mode 1 is the classic legacy IT that provides stability… This is […]