Part 5 – Configuring the XIV SRA

Although we have gone through and connected together the Site Recovery Manager instances between the local and remote sites, and have installed the SRA software to connect to the XIVs, we haven’t actually connected anything across to the XIV units themselves.  This next part configures the connections to the XIV.

  • In the ‘Site Recovery Manager’ section of the vCenter client, click the ‘Array Managers’ entry
    part5 - 1
  • If both of the sites are linked correctly and have the SRA installed correctly, under the ‘SRAs’ tab you should see the ‘Status’ showing as ‘OK’:
    part5 - 2
  • Switch back to the ‘Summary’ tab, make sure that you have selected the local site and then click ‘Add Array Manager’
    part5 - 3
  • You should now enter a display name for the array, making it clear which XIV unit you are connecting to, click ‘Next’:
    part5 - 4
  • You should now enter the management IP Addresses of the XIV unit that you are connecting to, along with the username and password to connect to the XIV system, click ‘Next’ to continue.
  • The array will then be added and you will receive confirmation:
    part5 - 5
  • Click ‘Finish’ to complete.  You should now click on the remote location and perform the same task.
  • You should now click the ‘Array Pairs’ tab and then click the ‘Enable’ link next to one of the array pairs to enable the connection… this only needs to be performed once on one of the locations to enable both.

This ends Part 5 of our instructions… please click here to continue to Part 6 or here to return to the 10-part Site Recovery Manager menu.

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