Part 7 – Protection Groups

It’s now time to create a protection group, this is the group of virtual machines we want to have protected and replicated to the second location.

  • Click the ‘Protection Groups’ option at the bottom of the screen
  • Click the ‘Create Protection Group’ button at the top of the screen
  • Select the protected site and the array pair created earlier, then click ‘Next’
  • You should now select the datastore groups that should be recovered together,  you should choose a datastore that is already being replicated at the XIV level, click ‘Next’
  • Provide a name and description for the protection group and then click ‘Next’
  • You will now see a summary of the protection group you have just made, click ‘Finish’ to complete the wizard.
  • Confirmation of the virtual machines and their mappings in the Protection group will appear on screen.

This ends Part 7 of our instructions… please click here to continue to Part 8 or here to return to the 10-part Site Recovery Manager menu.

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