The future of virtualisation – Maybe?

So, whilst attending some training on VMware NSX, I stumbled on a concept that I could see being the future of virtualisation.

The concept revolved around a similar concept to the slicing that occurs in NSX to share the responsibilities of the network across the NSX controllers.

If you were to take this up to the highest level and truly virtualise all virtual machines by abstracting them away from the physical hardware, you could then utilise a similar slicing method to have a virtual machine functioning across multiple hosts, just seeing all of the CPU and RAM resources etc. as generic resources.  The virtual machine is therefore not tied to a single host but utilises resources from all of the hosts as required… In theory allowing a virtual machine to have practically unlimited resources assigned to it.  If you need more resources in the cluster, you add another server to the cluster and the virtual machines are then redistributed across the available resources (hosts).  If there was a hardware failure, sufficient resources should be made available to make sure that the virtual machines are not impacted at all… Just like a raid configuration, and then the virtual machines are redistributed around the remaining resources.  Just to clarify that each virtual machine would exist across multiple hosts… Even across all hosts.

Again in theory the resources added to the cluster could come from any vendor utilising any CPU and RAM because all of the resources are abstracted from the hardware.

As a concept this would be completely groundbreaking… In reality, I do not have the technical ability to work out whether this would actually be possible but I like the thought that this could be the future… In a few years time… 

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