VMware Acquisition – Nyansa

Yesterday (21st January 2020), saw an announcement from VMware and Nyansa (pronounced “knee-ans-sah”) sharing the intent of VMware to acquire Nyansa.  Nyansa are a relatively young company creating innovative AI-based IT infrastructure analytics software.  VMware appear to be looking to align this acquisition to their SD-WAN portfolio (Velocloud) to help drive the development of truly self-healing networks.

It’s often interesting to take a look at how some of these younger companies describe themselves, and Nyansa has a good ‘About Us’ section, here is a snippet:

‘We’re Nyansa (“knee-ann sah”). It’s a word from the Akan language spoken in Ghana that means wisdom from learning. Go figure. Engineers named the company, what do you expect?

Yeah we’re weird––but wonderfully humble. Unlike a lot of folks, we don’t think of ourselves more highly than we ought, but we ARE wickedly smart.’  –

Nyansa are headquartered in Palo Alto, California.  They are a privately held company founded in September 2013.  They currently have over 50 employees and have around 20 million devices under analysis each month.

I can certainly see this as a good acquisition for VMware and could see the capabilities of their software being developed and utilised in other products from VMware, as well as the LAN/WAN elements proposed during the acquisition.

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