VMware History – Part 1 – The first 5 Years

The idea of these pages is to provide a timeline for the full history of VMware.

There have been a few sites that have created a timeline of the history of VMware in past.  VMware even have their own timeline on their website:  https://www.vmware.com/timeline.html

Unfortunately, although the VMware interactive timeline is visually very good, it tends to skip over some of the acquisitions and items from the history of VMware, mainly because they are not relevant to the direction that the company is going in now.

My belief is that each action and experience in life moulds the person into what they are now, and this is the same for companies as well.  If some of the false starts on technology or acquisitions hadn’t happened, then would VMware be the company it is today?… it may well be a similar company but it wouldn’t be the same company it is.

I hope you find it interesting, I certainly found it interesting to put together.  I have tried to add references to blog posts, web pages etc. where I have used external sources but I apologise to anyone, if I happen to have missed a reference.

This covers the first 5 years of VMware from 1998 to 2003… additional posts will continue the story.

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