VMware SRM – Failed to Sync data on Replica Devices

I came across an interesting situation when performing a Test recovery using VMware SRM, I received the following error:

I performed a quick google to try to find a solution to the error message but there wasn’t anything listed, the only suggested solution I could find was to uninstall VMware SRM, reinstall it using a new database… this was not a solution with a looming Disaster Recovery Test and therefore I thought that I would try to correct the issue myself.

The configuration I have utilises IBM XIVs with Storage Array replication although I believe that the same steps should still work for other arrays.

  • Remove all disks from the consistency group experiencing this error
  • Deactivate the mirror on the consistency group and then delete the mirror pair
  • Delete the consistency group on both the source array and the destination array
  • Create a new consistency group on both the source and destination arrays
  • Create a new mirror pair for the consistency group that has just been created
  • Activate the new mirror pair and make sure that they are synchronised
  • Add the required LUNs to the newly created consistency group
  • Rescan the SRAs in the SRM client several times to update the connections, this may not update correctly the first time
  • Check that all of the LUNs in the consistency group have an arrow against them indicating the replication direction on both the source and destination arrays within SRM
  • Go to your recovery plan and perform a test recovery

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