VMware Explore Europe 2022 – Sessions by Track

VMware Explore Europe 2022 – Sessions by Track

Over the years many people who have had anything to do with VMware or VMware technology have come to know and love VMworld.  With the pandemic causing everything to shut down, for 2 years VMworld moved from being two in-person conferences (one in the US and one in Europe) to being a single on-line conference for the whole world.

This year sees the rebirth of VMworld as VMware Explore.

At the time of writing we have already seen the VMware Explore US conference take place and are on the lead up to the VMware Explore Europe conference.  This year the European conference takes place in Barcelona.  Many people have asked about why the conference name has been changed.  The conference is evolving in very much the same way that VMware is evolving.  VMware Explore is going to provide more focus as being the center of the multi-cloud universe… whether that is multi-workload, multi-cloud or multi-workspace IT, the revised conference is designed to help solve the problems experienced in those types of environments.

There are still going to be lots of areas of the conference that will be familiar to people who have been to VMworld but there will be more non-VMware-led content and speakers, which should add variety to the conversations being had.

VMware Explore Europe is taking place between 7th – 10th November 2022 – go to the following link to find out more and to register:  https://www.vmware.com/explore/eu.html

One area that gains a lot of focus at VMware Explore are the Breakout Sessions… there are a large number of sessions available in the Content Catalog but I have identified some sessions that may be of interest based on the track that you may be interested in.


EUSB1752EUR - Achieving Perfect Balance: How VMware IT Solved Load Balancing Challenges
CMD2975EUR - Bring Your Own Cloud
INDB2938EUR - Empowering The Automotive Edge Towards Mobility Leadership
VIB1842EUR - Factory of the Future - Is VMware Disrupting Manufacturing?
CEIB1820EUR - Project Arctic: All You Need To Know

Cloud Native App Development

MCLB2804EUR - 60 Minutes of Virtually Speaking LIVE: Accelerating Cloud Transformation
CNAB1953EUR - Building and Running Enterprise-Grade Spring Applications in the Cloud
CNAB4033EUR - Customizing Tanzu Application Platform
CNAB2113EUR - How to Be Successful at Modernizing Apps and Data, and the Adoption of Cloud
CNAB2376EUR - Rise of Backstage: Developer Portals at the Center of the Dev Experience

Cloud & Edge Infrastructure

CEIB1327EUR - 10 Exciting Things to Know About VMware Cloud Flex Storage
CMB2355EUR - A Better Way to Onboard and Govern Native Public Clouds - AWS, Azure & GCP
CEIB2231EUR - A Holistic Approach For Delivering Private Mobile Network (4G and 5G)
CEIB1234EUR - A Light in the Darknet: Stopping Cyberthreats with SASE
VIB4000EUR - Building the Blocks to the Edge with VMware ECS and Lenovo ThinkEdge Compute

Cloud Management

CMB2244EUR - A Look at Ensemble Insights
CMB2210EUR - A Unified Cloud Management Control Plane - Update on VMware Aria
NETB4052EUR - Automation in Large and Complex Environments: Here's What Orange Discovered
DOSB2683EUR - Enterprise Management of Your Multi-Cloud Solution Using VMware Tanzu Mission Control
NETB2242EUR - How VMware IT Optimized Carbon Footprint in Datacenters Utilizing vRealize Operations

Kubernetes Operations

NETB4051EUR - BT Unifies Container Ingress with Avi Kubernetes Operator on Tanzu
KUB2156EUR - Domino and VMware Tanzu: How Infrastructure Virtualization Accelerates Data Science
DOST2359EUR - Getting Kubernetes Ready for Developers with Platform as a Product
DOSB2283EUR - How CARTO Optimized Kubernetes with VMware Image Builder
KUBB2183EUR - How to Simplify Your Kubernetes Operations with Tanzu Kubernetes Grid

DevOps & DevSecOps

OSB1812EUR - Acquiring Practical Cloud Native, Kubernetes and Open Source Skills
DOSB3081EUR - Automating a Statistical Analytics Pipeline with Greenplum and Containers
CMB2229EUR - A Way to Get from Cloud A to B - An App Migration Story
OSB1582EUR - Getting to Know Salt
DOSB3014EUR - Platform and Application Security with NSX, Antrea and Service Mesh

Hybrid Workforce

EUSB2868EUR - Apps Everywhere: Mastering the Eight Activities of Modern App Management
EUSB2088EURD - Architecting Multi-Cloud Horizon
CMB2976EUR - Changing the Working Model with VMware
EUSB4004EUR - Elevating Employee Experience and Security for your Hybrid Workforce
EUSB1834EUR - Fast-Changing, Multi-Cloud and Security Minded: How to Break Through with VDI-as-a-Service and Next-Gen Thin Client and Software


SECB2988EUR - Day in the Life of a Cross Functional Security War Room
SECB1237EUR - Delivering Ransomware Protection with VMware NSX, VMware Carbon Black, and VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery
SECB1960EUR - Enforcing a Strong Zero Trust Ransomware Defense
SECB2152EUR - First Line of Defense: Secure Ingress Before Attacks Reach Your Apps
NETB1997EUR - Improving Security in the Finance Industry: Simplifying Operations with NSX


NETB3072EUR - Accenture Partners with VMware for Multi-Cloud Load Balancing
NETB2002EUR - Designing a Software Defined Network for Service Providers using VMware NSX
SECB2115EUR - Fully Automated East-West Firewall in VCF4 using Platform Inherent Toolings
MCB3058EUR - Kingston University: Customer Journey with HCX
CEIB1576EUR - Project Monterey Behind the Scenes: A Technical Deep Dive

Open Source

OSB1811EUR - Charting Your Path to a Sound Open Source Strategy
DOSB1744EUR - How a Risk Advisory Firm Benefitted from Secure Open Source App Components
IND2944EUR - Deploying Applications in the Field Delivering Superiority to Armed Forces
OSB1529EUR - Exploring the Kubernetes Ecosystem - A Guided Tour
IND2939EUR - How to Optimize EU Recovery Funds for Government Digitization

Vision & Innovation

DOSB1688EURD - Can You Catch Lightning in a Bottle with Innovation?
VIB1542EUR - Compelling New Innovations from the VMware Office of the CTO
VIB2801EUR - For the Users: Design Thinking in IT
VIB2094EUR - How to Deploy and Support a Business Focused AI Platform with NVIDIA and Lenovo
VIB3004EUR - Serial Transformer - How to Succeed

People & Culture

PCB4024EUR - Career Growth Fireside Chat: Cloud Path
PCB2746EUR - How Monaco Cloud Ensures Project Success by Upskilling Their Team
PCB4022EUR - How to Thrive in Today's Remote or Hybrid Workplace
PCB1138EUR - Spotted: Journeys of Empowered Women in Tech
PCB1218EUR - Using Agile Methods to Grow Inclusive Culture

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